TALES FROM THE TRUNDLE, the story of one mother's journey into healing, would not be possible without generous financial support from the following donors:

Joe Daniels

Jeff Drew

Diane Mollica

Kimberly Salshutz

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Don Bellone

Ella Swierkosz

Pat Crane

Helen & Ben Harrison

Diane Jacobsen/Jacobsen Foundation

Suzanne Billhymer

Barbara Shaprio

Carolina Ravassa

TALES FROM THE TRUNDLE would like to give special thanks to the following people for their support along the journey:

Vincenza & Clifford Bellone

Jeffrey Smith Georges

Margaux Robichon

Jayne Trotman

Andres Peyrot

Gerard Epelbaum

Devra Keating

Jalopy Theatre

Theatre Row

Rafael Piñeros

United Solo Festival

Jae Smith

Ernesto Linnemann

Faustine Richards

Arnaud Maillard

Greg Tudela

Philippe Demuoy

The Ned

The Courtyard Theatre

The Bridewell Theatre

Adrian Coquet at Noun Project

Katie Chambers at NYWIFT

Michael Hillyer of The Front Row Center

Sofia Baluyit of The Red Hook Star

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